Puzzle Greetings "The Newest Way to Send Greetings"

Project Details

Puzzle Greetings“The Newest Way to Send Greetings”, was a project that I really enjoyed our involvement on. We were brought in from the conceptual phase to bring the technology needed to make this new innovative product to life. We relieved this client’s frustration as we worked with his internal graphic designer to create a vibrant logo design and catch phrase. This Website Hosting and E-Commerce Project was completed on time and with in budget.

This was a project was a huge success, not just because of the work completed but the opportunity to work with a non-technical user and bring to life the dreams in their head. When we were contacted by the product’s creator to make this product available for purchase online and create a customer experience line none other. In addition, to making this product marketable and this is what we did as we worked with his internal graphic designer and changed the the color and design to what has become a product distinctive design.

Many meetings later with the creator we were able to learn and understand the product and vision behind creating such a social impacted product. The Vision behind this product is to create a long term and heart filled greeting that goes beyond the reach of traditional greeting cards. With this WordPress design, we integrated an E-Commerce plugin to allow for online purchasing and product tracking. We worked with the client to determine what would be the best shipping method and turnaround from order processing to the product being shipped and received by the customer.

The most difficult with this project was ensuring all back-end systems gets notified when a order has been completed to ensure adequate time for product creation and shipping. Once an order has been completed there are multiple alerts that are sent out on the back-end, one to the printing company and the other to the board cutting company.

This product was created by an former Iowa Hawkeye Football player from New Orleans, La. Currently available for online purchase only and have already hit the markets in the following cities: Iowa, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Cedar Hill, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Fort Worth

About the Project

This is an Advanced Level Website with, an e-commerce and blog integration plugins. We are also hosting this website that includes 100 email accounts, to allow a professional feel and look.

Puzzle Greetings Website:

More Info

Allow us to bring you dreams to life with providing the technology to make greatness happen. We worked with every phase of this project and increased this marketability with creating a search engine friendly site and vibrant logo. This project lasted 3 weeks for us to learn the vision scale the market space, then create a distinctive logo then move forward for the e-commerce website.

Graphic Design / 70%
HTML / 100%
CSS / 95%
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